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Ever heard of QRM? I hadn't, until I found the Web site for Minnesota-based Alexandria Extrusion Company ( But QRM, as it turns out, isn't just another buzzword. It's a great example of articulating a manufacturer's core value and values.

(click graphic to visit QRM page)

(click graphic to visit QRM page)

QRM, as Alexandria defines it, stands for "Quick Response Manufacturing" - a list of 10 principles that define its approach to customer service through continuous improvement. Think "lean manufacturing" or "lean machining" tailored for Alexeandria's customers.

The QRM prinicples are presented in a unique format - 10 "traditional beliefs" are noted, with each followed by a corresponding QRM Principle. In this format, the QRM approach is spelled out simply, while clearly defining why QRM is more valuable to an Alexandria cusotmer.

This isn't just some online parlor trick. The QRM Principles very closely follow lean principles. Alexandria's QRM bullets address reducing lead times, investment in the design phases to reduce costs, and respect for suppliers, customers and employees.

And that's why this is smart business. Not only is the company's value proposition clearly presented to visiting prospects, but it also clearly differentiates Alexandria from its competition. And that is rule #1 for manufacturing Web site content, whether it's your own site, your profile, or anywhere online.

Does your site present a comparable message? Do you know of similar examples on manufacturing sites? Give 'em up, and we'll bust a post.

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