Can Your Shop Make Parts Like These? [Pt.1]

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Everyday, hundreds of custom manufactured parts are sourced through the Contract Manufacturing Marketplace by buyers from around the globe in disciplines such as fabrication, stamping, assembly, and machining. 

These successful sourcing events highlight the power of the Marketplace for hundreds of global buyers and suppliers of custom manufactured parts and manufacturing services. 

Here are just a few of the custom parts sourced for the week of April 6-13.

(And if your shop CAN make parts like these, log in to your account and start quoting now)


Source Custom Fabrication Parts


Part Type: Rainbow Shower Head 2.0

Sourcing Location: Washington

Estimated Annual Usage: 18




Source Custom Assembly Manufacturers


Part Type: Prototype

Sourcing Location: California

Number of Prototypes: 5




Source Custom Machining Parts


Part Type: Mount

Sourcing Location: Arizona

Estimated Annual Usage: 1664



Source Custom Casting Parts


Part Type: Fluid Jacket Housing

Sourcing Location: Iowa

Estimated Annual Usage: N/A




Source Custom Molding Parts
Part Type: Contact Part

Sourcing Location: New Jersey

Estimated Annual Usage: 20,000




Source Custom Stamping Parts
Part Type: Battery Clip

Sourcing Location: New York

Estimated Annual Usage: 25,000



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