Backshoring Picking Up Steam - On CNBC

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This past week, I was interviewed on CNBC for, regarding the emerging trend of backshoring manufacturing production to the U.S. from low-cost countries. Here's the video:

It was a great experience, and it was a priviledge to discuss such an important, relevant topic for manufacturers in America and the West. One point that I wish we'd had time to discuss - and I won't miss the opportunity again - is that low wages were the motivation to pursue extended supply chain strategies in the first place. Today, it's the total cost propostion - quality management, training, logistics, intellectual property protection, and the impact of supply chain disruptions - that are motivating manufacturers to reassess those strategies.

But I did drive home the most important opportunity that backshoring presents to small- and medium-sized manufacturers in the U.S. - get in their grills.

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