7 Elements for Mastering Online Manufacturing

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1. Upload Your Design is the only marketplace that enables custom part buyers to quickly upload part files and request quotes from multiple manufacturing suppliers at once.  Sourcing on is fast, easy, and secure. Upload your 2D or 3D part files today to witness the ease of sourcing on
2. RFQ Generated
Generating RFQs for custom part manufacturing is simple on Using our custom RFQ module, buyers can produce and edit online quote requests quickly and efficiently. Join NASA, Kimberly-Clark, and countless others and submit your RFQ on today.

3. Release RFQ to Market makes it easy to reach suppliers locally and globally that have the right expertise, capacity, and credentials to meet your RFQ requirements. Utilizing our proprietary sourcing platform, buyers can securely source RFQs to the suppliers of their choice. Whether you want to invite your existing suppliers or expand your search to other regions, countries or continents – our tools let you make the decisions.

4. Receive Multiple Quotes
Increase competition and lower your costs by reaching a wider base of suppliers and increasing responses per RFQ. Managing responses to your quote requests has never been easier. Our online sourcing platform allows you to collect and compare multiple quotes faster than ever before.

5. Compare Quotes & Select
Comparing quotes on is easy and efficient. Our customizable RFQ comparison tool allows you to review quotes in an apples to apples format for more efficient sourcing decisions. Use our customizable online quote comparison tool or simply export your quotes to an Excel document.

6. Parts Made & Delivered
Our online platform provides a level of communication and transparency custom part buyers have always wanted. Utilize our online platform to request updates from your supplier and track the status of delivery. makes it easy to manage the entire sourcing process from project conception to part delivery.

7. Rate Your Experience
Our rating system is a great due diligence tool for both buyers and suppliers in the marketplace. Buyers can review the experience other buyers had with a particular supplier, and suppliers can gain invaluable insights to their perspective customer’s history.

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