2 Social Media Tools For Small Manufacturers

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Small and even mid sized manufacturers need all the help they can get these days. Economic, government and business playing fields are shifting with the frequency of a cheap ham radio. It's hard to keep up.

Add to that the emerging influence of Social Media, and it really gets complicated. Understanding what they are and how to benefit is tough without the time to devote to learning them. Here at's MOJO, we try to help a little. So here's some more help for you to get ahold of some business through Social Media Channels. These 2 tools are cheap/free and can get you in the game relatively easily:

NutshellWe've written about Constant Contact before - a great tool for small businesses to manage email campaigns to work their markets. Now, they've come up with a new product called Nutshell Mail. It allows a small business to manage all Social Media accounts - Twitter, Facebook, etc. - and various email accounts through one client. It's free for basic account with add-ons for extra charges, and relatively inexpensive even if you want to step up. Simple and effective. Another plus is that it ties in all of your activities and prospects to create a pretty effective marketing campaign.

PostlingPostling is a product that helps to manage Social Media accounts, monitor activity of followers and friends (that's your prospects & customers, don't cha know), and even post to your WordPress blog. All in one spot. You can also post to all of your Social Media accounts with one post - you don't have to type or copy & paste many times. An added benefit is the Postling Community - forums and other interactive platforms that allow Postling users to interact and exchange ideas and seek advice.

Both of these products reduce the effort for manufacturers to plug into these emerging, valuable channels. Either product is worth your time, because there's business to be won through Social Media - and now's a pretty good time to get after it.

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