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Most U.S. companies today are faced with increasing demands from its customers to reduce the costs for the products that it sells. At the same time, demands for high standards of product quality remain. It is our mission to help your company stay competitive and profitable, while never sacrificing the integrity of your products.

MTG Imports’ core focus is to help U.S. companies drastically reduce its product costs by outsourcing manufacturing facilities. Our overseas operations are supported through our China offices in both Guangdong and Shanghai. We have engineering, quality control, and support staff at
both of these facilities to assist us in meeting and exceeding your expectations. With over 15 years of experience in Asian manufacturing,
MTG Imports can help you realize the benefits of global sourcing with the ease and comfort of dealing with a U.S. company.

The MTG Imports China metal casting foundries have the ability to design and manufacture loose and close tolerance cast-metal products for many different industries. The quality of the products are kept at the highest level during all phases of design, production, and delivery. All production is overseen and inspected by PROQC an independent quality control management company working directly with MTG Imports.

MTG Imports China factories have specialized in quality CNC machining parts, and precision machining services for the industrial, hardware, electronic, energy, propane gas, industrial valve, water supply, communications, and automotive markets for years. We have many high quality CNC Machines in China available in many sizes that produce simple and complex shapes.

We encourage you to call today and experience the MTG Imports difference.

• Substantial savings over Domestic manufacturing costs
• RFQ turnaround within 7 days
• Prices quoted delivered to your door including
product and freight costs, customs clearance,
and any applicable tarrifs
• Complete confidentiality of all business
agreements maintained
• U.S. and China office locations
• Multilingual Chinese-English speaking staff in both the
U.S. and China
• The ease and piece of mind of dealing with a
U.S. company

All MTG Imports factories and manufactured products are inspected and certified by PRO QC, the world's largest independent, third-party, quality-control company. PRO QC has offices in 35 countries and over two decades of experience providing total quality solutions through Asia, Europe, and the Americas. PRO QC has earned its reputation as the highest-integrity provider of engineering services worldwide.Casting,Forging,Machining,Stamping,Centrifugal Casting,Ceramic Mold Casting,Die Casting,Investment Casting,Lost Foam Casting,Other Casting,Permanent Mold Casting,Plaster Mold Casting,Sand Mold Casting,Shell Mold Casting,Vacuum Casting,Reaming,Heading,Impression Die Forging,Near-Net-Shape Forging,Open Die Forging,Other Forging,Press Forging,Roll Forging,Swaging,Upset Forging,5 Axis Milling,Chemical Machining,Deep Hole Drilling,Machining of Castings,Micro-Drilling,Milling,Other Machining,Screw/Swiss Machining,Turning,Blanking,Coining,Drawing,Stamping,Progressive Die Stamping,Bearings,Linear Ball Bearings,Linear Journal Bearings,Linear Roller Bearings,Pillow Block Bearings,Radial Ball Bearings,Radial Journal Bearings,Radial Roller Bearings,Other Bearings,Molding,Injection Casting,Electric Discharge,Milling & Turning,Compression Molding,Dip Molding,Injection,Lay-Up Molding,Pour Molding / Reaction Molding (2-Part Poly),Pultrusion,Rotational Molding,Structural Foam,Thermoforming,Transfer Molding,4 / Multi-slide Stamping,Babbitt Bearings,Flanged Bearings,Needle Bearings,Thrust Bearings,Net Shape Forging,Shaping

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