Xianmen Levon Industries Co., Ltd.

Our company found on 2006, and locates in the beautiful coastal city---Xiamen, a well-developed industry city and international trading port with convenient transportation.

Our company mainly provides R&D, manufacture and service on Stamping partsMachining partsassembly parts and welding parts of low and medium voltage electrical control equipment, environmental protection equipment, and medical instrument. We have established well cooperation relationship with Schneider Electric, ABB, TOMRA, and HOMER, etc.

Our company has about 5000m2 factory areas, with over 100 employees. Laser cutting machine, CNC, digital lathe, digital bending machine, plastic mould injection, oil pressing machine, punching machine, and all kinds of welding instruments could provide our customers R&D and manufacture service on various metal parts and plastic parts. And professional assembly workshop could satisfy your requirement on the assembly manufactures.

We regard people oriented, efficient innovation, high quality, harmonious environment as our business idea. We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all over the world by providing our excellent products and services.


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  • 福建 (Fujian)
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