WONDER TECHNOLOGY GROUP (HK) LIMITED is established by several enterprisers who have rich experience in molding and plastic. They began to do molding and plastic from 1890s. The group includes several companies and factories that do plastic injection, blow molding, machining, rotational molding, PCB assembly and so on. We can offer the complete set services from the design and finished product.


The product what we have done are mainly applied in below fields.


1: Electrical products


Shells for Camera, Video Camera, Fax Machine, Mobile Phone, CD, Construction Measuring Instrument, Computer, connector of communication equipment, drink bottle pump


2: Cosmetics serial

Makeup Case, Bottle, Holder and Different kinds of accessories that including case for Lipstick, Lip gloss, Eyebrow Pencil, Day Cream, Night Cream and so on.


3: Video Games Accessories

Design, molding and produce all kinds of accessories that can match with MICROSOFT XBOX 360, NITENDO and Sony PSP Console and controller, such as AC adapter, car adapter, crystal case and so on.


We do the mold design, mould manufacture, injection and final assembly all together. We can make the whole procedure perfect and smoothly proceed in order to make customer satisfied.


The quality is the top target and work center. What we always try to reach zero-fault. We always follow standard 6S management and ISO9001 Quality system. To make the customer satisfied is our top target.


Let us strive to make the win-win business relationship between you and us.


  • Werkzeug-, Gesenk- & Formenherstellung
  • Stanzplattenherstellung
  • Klickerschnittherstellung
  • Komplettschnittherstellung
  • Strangpresswerkzeugherstellung
  • Mehrschlittenwerkzeugherstellung
  • Weitere Stanzformherstellung
  • Folgeschnittherstellung
  • Stanzwerkzeugherstellung
  • Stahlbandschnittherstellung
  • Blasformenbau
  • Pressformenbau
  • Spritzformenbau
  • Rotationsformenbau
  • Strukturschaumformenbau
  • Thermoformenbau
  • Spritzpressformenbau
  • Formung
  • Musterformherstellung
  • Reaktionsformherstellung
  • Schichtformherstellung
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