SHanghai Tuoshun Industry Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Tuo Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a private holding company engaging in stamping and mold manufacturing in automobile and electrical appliance industry since its establishment in 2005. Our main customers include automobile enterprises such as Volkswagen. General. Chery etc. and electronics enterprises such as U.S. General Electric. Matsushita Electric etc. Company concept:developing based on quality,making profits based on management,finding market based on price,pursuing reputation based on service.

The equipments of company include: more than 70 sets of 16 tons and 400 tons punching machines, more than 10 sets of 200 tons and 500 tons hydraulic presses, the mold processing equipment includes whole sets of mold processing equipments such as CNC machining center, low speed wire-cut etc. Inspection equipments include corresponding inspection instruments and measuring equipments such as three-coordinates measuring machine, projector etc.

On the basis of strong technical force and management team, our company can design, manufacture various complex mold. The work piece includes the manufacturing of various high difficult parts such as fine punching, precise punching and continuous punching etc. The quality management system of company is complete, therefore it can ensure to provide customers with high quality products, ensure delivering goods on time, ensure first class service, which has gained good appraisement from the customers. Our company has been selected as the participation enterprise in Private Enterprise Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo.

Our company welcomes interesting friends both at home and abroad to our company, and hope to serve you as our honorable guest.

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  • 上海 (Shanghai)
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