Qingdao DNL Machinery Co.,Ltd

Qingdao DNL Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a leading OEM factory for the Die Casting,Sand Casting and Machining.Our main products have auto parts,machinery parts,medical device parts,sanitary ware,construction accessories,hardwares and so on.

We established in 2003,is a subsidiary company of Benor Group Company.The DNL have a die casting workshop,precision machining workshop,and a sand casting factory.The Benor Group also have an injection molding industrial company which produce the injection parts with PU,PE,PP,PA,PC,POM,ABS and so on.

Our main production process have Aluminum die casting,Zinc die casting,Iron casting,Steel casting,CNC machining. And also have the Injection Molding Process with material of PU,PE,PP,PA,PC,POM,ABS,PVC etc.

We insist on “Quality-Oriented”.In order to guarantee the quality,we obey the ISO9001:2001 quality system,and TS16949:2002 system,equiping with the tensile strength tester,hardness tester,chemical analysis lab,crack detectors,spectrometer,CMM,metallographical scope and so on.So that we can always guarantee our high quality and held our competitive advantage.

DNL,with the remarkable quality and excellent integrity,welcome the customers all over the world.


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