Ningbo MyCasting Industry Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Mycasting Industry Co.,Ltd is a place to find high quality, competitive price casting products and machinery products with over 10-year experience in producing precision investment casting products and machining parts in China. MY casting has developed a complete casting product line, with an annual production capacity over 5,000 tons, has the ability to treat different materials, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel etc. Also we have CNC machining center and more other machining machinery. Over the years, MY casting has made a brand name and high reputation on the market, supports hundreds of small & medium clienteles grow bigger. Please feel free to contact us, send us samples, drawings or your ideas, we would like be your partner in China, and you can think us as "My casting factory".

Die folgenden Lieferanten (Drehereien, Fräßereien, Blechbearbeiter, Fertiger, Verarbeiter, Hersteller, Gießereien, Formenbauer, Textilverarbeiter, etc.) bieten Fertigungsdienstleistungen für die verarbeitende Industrie, Maschinenbau... Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte
  • Ningbo, 浙江 (Zhejiang)
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  • Ningbo, 浙江 (Zhejiang)
  • CHINA 315507