Ningbo Beilun Bham Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Beilun Bham Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. ist ein Hersteller mit Sitz in NingBo, 浙江 (Zhejiang), CHINA.


  • Plastic
  • Stamping parts
  • die casting (Zinc/aluminum alloy )


  • CNC lathe machining

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Ningbo Beilun Bham Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
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  • 2011-02-09
The easiest and most efficient company I have worked with and I've been an engineer for 25 years. Having a good contact (Ben Lin) is very important when dealing with a long distance company. With Skype and email instructions were communicated to the engineers so when I got the parts they were right the first time. The prices were the best I've ever seen and the speed was great. Don't hesitate to use Ningbo Beilun Bham. They have now done 2 jobs about 20 parts and we are looking at more. Great company to work with!
  • NingBo, 浙江 (Zhejiang)
  • CHINA 315800