Jiangsu Saintek Co.,Ltd


We are professional industrial components supplier from Nanjing, East China, We are the branch company of Jiangsu Sainty Group(Our group website is www.sainty.cn, it was established in 1996,having more than 6000 staff. and 60- plus strong manufacturers and daughter companies wholly-owned or majority-owned by the company. It has set up a rather consummate international marketing web with a group of stable clients, and her export trade extends up to a hundred of countries and regions). Our major product lines include various material manufacturing, from all kinds of manufacturing process(machining, casting, stamping ,forging and so on) We have gained the certification of ISO9000 control system by China certification center and some parts we offered having past TUV/GS test and CE certificated. We can do process control jobs, and SPC as customer requires.

 By using the low costs manpower and raw material resources in China, our prices are very competitive, around 20-30% of the international market prices.

Our target is to help our international customers reduce the purchasing costs  with our high quality good price components from China, to increase our customer's profit level and market competitiveness significantly.

Sind Sie auf der Suche nach Lieferanten (Werkstätten, Hersteller, Gießereien, Formenherstellern, Textilherstellern, etc.), um Herstellungsservices für die Werkzeugindustrie, Automotiveindustrie anzubieten? Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte MFG.com

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  • Nanjing, 江苏 (Jiangsu)
  • CHINA 210018