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Our company is one of the largest machinery manufacturer of the west of China. We are a big country ownner enterprise.We have 2200 sets equipments, 1200 employees, 128 engineers. Most of equipments are advanced and imported equipments which imported from Switzerland Japan Italy and Germany. We can produce high quality all kind of machinery parts, casting parts die-casting parts,stamping parts,electric motor parts and electric motor . The factory machinery equipments and managing system are modernized. We have production managing system are as below:

A)   CNC machining workshop.

B)   Stamping workshop.

C)   Casting workshop.

D)  Electric motor assembly line

E)   Checking and test department.

We can use lower labour cost and high technic ability to manufacture precision and high quality production.We also can satisfy any friends and customers high technic need. We hope and welcome friends can provide business chance for us. We believe our cooperation must be success.

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Die folgenden Lieferanten (Drehereien, Fräßereien, Blechbearbeiter, Fertiger, Verarbeiter, Hersteller, Gießereien, Formenbauer, Textilverarbeiter, etc.) bieten Fertigungsdienstleistungen für die verarbeitende Industrie, Maschinenbau... Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte
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