Blog’s Definitive Guide to Winning New Customers

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Overview is the world’s largest contract manufacturing marketplace and manufacturer directory. For buyers, is a resource to find new suppliers (contract manufacturers) and to receive competitive quotes on custom manufactured parts (RFQs). For suppliers, is a sales and marketing resource that connects contract manufacturers with new customers at the exact time the customer has a need.

In 2016, over 2,000 buyer companies sourced more than 9,000 parts on’s marketplace. However, simply joining as a supplier member does not guarantee success. There are three critical activities each supplier must perform to be successful in acquiring new customers and winning business on the marketplace:

  • Highlight your company’s strengths.
  • Identify the right opportunities to pursue.
  • Conduct win/loss analyses and adjust your business strategy as required.

Win/loss analysis allows a supplier to determine what activities have been successful and what practices have not, adjust the approach and try again. Each iteration helps refine the business strategy and yields better results. The only way to test a sales approach is to engage new suppliers and quote opportunities (RFQs).

The three sections of this guide discuss the business perspectives of each of these critical activities. In addition, it illustrates how the platform can support these activities and increase your effectiveness in winning both new customers and job orders.

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