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This won't be your typical blog post. But then again, it hasn't been a typical 48 hours.

On November 13, six coordinated attacks were carried out in Paris, France. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is claiming responsibility.

According to multiple news sources, at least 129 people lost their lives, with another 352 injured. So far, one American death has been confirmed.

When I first learned of the attacks, I immediately emailed our European team. Our European General Manager, Francois d'Ivernois, and Chief Technology Officer, Jean-François Blachon, quickly returned my correspondence. 

They both were OK. Our team was OK.

In that moment I couldn’t help but feel relief and rage all at once. I was exuberant our team was intact. They were safe in their homes, safe from the despicable disarray. But I was also full of fury. I couldn't possibly imagine the horror and terror that those affected felt; I couldn't possibly understand the multitude of ways that it would forever change their lives.I felt as if my heart had burst. And in many ways, it had.

The people of France didn’t deserve this. No one did. No one does. 

As a global community, we are permanently bound together into a single heartbeat, linked into a single chain of people seeking to build a better world. It is not our steel or machines that will be our legacies. It is not our widgets or our automobiles or our planes. Our legacies are our people. Our legacies are our actions. From this moment forward, we are all changed -- we are all one voice, one spirit. 

In the coming days remember that despite all of our differences, our competitions, and our bottom lines, we only have each other at the end of the day. And please remember, most of all, that the 129 people killed in Paris on Friday were just like you and me -- someone who dropped their kid off at school, someone who clocked-in at work every day, and someone who deserved something better. 

Isobel Bowdery, a survivor of the attack on the Bataclan theater, said it better than I ever could:

"Last night, the lives of many were forever changed and it is up to us to be better people. To live lives that the innocent victims of this tragedy dreamt about, but sadly will now never be able to fulfill.

If you know someone affected by the Paris attacks, we extend our sincerest love and compassion, our thoughts and our prayers. If you know someone that lives in Paris, please pick up the phone or write them an email. Make sure they're OK. Business must go on, but at a time like this, it almost seems meaningless. 

Let us all stand with Paris.

Vive La France.


If you would like to donate to the victims of the November 13 attacks, please visit:

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