Hey Manufacturers - Watch Seth Godin On Tribes To Market Your Business Better

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I'm not one to latch onto or spread parlor tricks - the usually have no legs, have little nutritional value to manufacturing businesses and they distract us from the real work to be done.

To many of you, this presentation from Seth at this year's TED conference may seem like mumbo-jumbo, pie-in-the-sky nonsense. But manufacturing businesses trying to make sense of the Web, that have taken to Twitter because they thought they had to or that can't see the value of marketing via social & emerging media these days such listen. And listen closely.

All of us belong to 'tribes.' So do you. It's nothing new - 'birds of a feather,' and all. But what the Web has done is allowed us to coagulate into clusters of specific, shared interests. And your efforts to market these days are supposed to help. It's where value is for people who want to learn more about you and do business with you.

Take the 20 minutes to watch this. It will help you.

Hat Tip: @BusinessTalk

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