Find A Manufacturer More Quickly With MFG’s All New Sourcing Dashboard

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You need to find a manufacturer. And you don’t want to spend a great deal of time doing it. We get it. So, we’ve redesigned our sourcing dashboard and positioned the two features our buyer members use most – “Messages” and “My RFQs”– front and center. Now, at a glance, you can view key items and accomplish most tasks from a single locale.

We’ve programmed some great enhancements within these work centers, too. In Messages, you can decide whether to display all the items currently in your inbox or just new unread emails. And, to save even more time, the Message center displays the opening words of the email message rather than the subject line. This time-saving feature allows quick decision-making on whether to open and read the entire message. Of course, our display offers traditional email information such as date received, RFQ number and sender.

We’ve made the email search capability more powerful than before and given you the functionality to reply, archive and block senders. Best of all, when a bidder emails you a question on an RFQ, you can opt to copy all bidders on your response with a simple click.

The My RFQ display fields include the date the RFQ was created, its number, the job name and number of parts involved. Now, they also show the RFQ’s current status and any action you need to take. The nine status categories include “Waiting for Information,” “Open for Quoting” (with the cumulative number of quotes received to date), “Anonymously Awarded,” “Awarded” and “Closed.” A filter allows you to sort the list by RFQ status.

 Available actions in My RFQs include “View RFQ,” “View Quotes,” “Edit RFQ,” “Archive RFQ,” “Monitor” and more. Here, too, you control which RFQs are displayed, with the option of showing “All except archived” or “Archived.” You can even look for a specific RFQ using a search box where you can entire a query or term.

Simplifying work and saving time are two more ways we’re improving our online marketplace. We are pleased with the results – and hope you are too. If you have other suggestions for how we can simplify your experience, please let your customer service representative know.

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