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Our team at, the premier destination for Buyer and Supplier discovery, was lucky enough to get insight from Aaron Floen, Quoting Supervisor at Kooima Company, on how they’ve utilized the marketplace to grow their business as well as what their future goals are. Check out the full interview below with this inspiring Supplier.

Would you please give us a quick overview of your company, how long you’ve been in business and how many employees you currently have?
Kooima Company started in 1988 and is now celebrating their 30th year in business. We have just over 170 employees. Our company is designed around quick turnaround and throughput for custom steel manufactured parts. The shop is continually improving layouts to improve efficiencies as well as expanding our walls. Our facility is now over 300,000 square feet with plans to continue expansions in the near future. Our goal is to provide timely, quality parts while also being the best company for the ease of doing business.

Can you describe your role?
My job title is Quoting Supervisor, however it entails more than just quoting. I oversee our quoting department where we analyze and process all new incoming inquires. Recently over the past few years I have been pushing our company into new areas of sales opportunities, mainly online sales. was a great start to getting Kooima’s feet wet into online sales, and from there it has expanded into other online territories as well as redesigning our outdated website. While also managing the quoting department and online sales, I manage day-to-day services for our larger customers here at Kooima.

What were some of the pain points in your business that you were searching for a      solution to?
Due to all of the expansions and improvements made at our shop, we were continually looking for new opportunities for business because we were not utilizing our machines 100% all the time. At times we were running 100% of our machines, however, only 75% of the time. We were looking to add customers to fill in the remaining capacity that we had to keep everything running smoothly at or near capacity.

What was the process your company typically used to find new business?
We have outside salesmen that travel to their designated territories to find and grow business with current and new customers.

How did you learn about
One of the sales reps contacted Phil at Kooima. Phil tasked me to look into the opportunity, and here we are.

How has your perception of gaining new business changed since joining
After being a member of for a while now it has changed Kooima’s perception of how to get our name out to prospects to gain recognition. Since joining nearly 2 years ago we have added 11 new customers, directly from This past year we have grossed over half a million in sales from those customers. By establishing an online presence we are seeing more inquiries from companies that were not on our radar without excess work from our outside sales reps.

Was it easy to adapt to using the platform to gain new business?
After a few tutorials and a couple trials, the platform is quite easy to navigate and use. Compared to other options to gain new business I would put at the top for cost effectiveness and ability to gain new business.

How would you describe to a colleague?
I would describe as an amazing tool to not only prospect for new customers, but also get a “quick in” to a wide range of RFQs from potential customers that have immediate needs you can fulfill.

Do you see potential benefits for other Suppliers considering joining
Yes, is a great platform for anyone or any business to start prospecting for new work from their own desk.

What are your company’s future goals now that you’ve utilized the platform?
Now that we have utilized, our company’s future goal is to further our footprint online. We have seen how well has performed for us and has given us the insight to the benefit of an online presence.

Kooima Company
2638 310th Street
Rock Valley, Iowa 51247
+1 712-476-5600

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