Can Your Shop Make Parts Like These? [Pt.2]

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Everyday, hundreds of custom manufactured parts are sourced through the Contract Manufacturing Marketplace by buyers from around the globe in disciplines such as fabrication, stamping, assembly, and machining. 

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Source Custom Fabrication Parts


Part Type: Decontamination Structure

Sourcing Location: Maryland

Estimated Annual Usage: 1




Source Custom Assembly Manufacturers


Part Type: Ball Assembly

Sourcing Location: Florida

Number of Prototypes: 1,000





Source Custom Machining Parts


Sourcing Location: Colorado

Estimated Annual Usage: 4




Source Custom Casting Parts


Part Type: Bolt Release Lever

Sourcing Location: Idaho

Estimated Annual Usage: 200




Source Custom Molding Parts
Part Type: Bus Bar Seal

Sourcing Location: California

Estimated Annual Usage: 25,000




Source Custom Stamping Parts
Part Material Type: Carbon Steel

Sourcing Location: Virginia

Estimated Annual Usage: 9,000



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